CC16 FB17 EB26 Bonn

26th meeting of the Enforcement Branch

04.03.2015 16:00:00 - 05.03.2015 18:27:00UNFCCC
1. Opening of the meetinglecture_11386_un.mp4
2. Adoption of the agendalecture_11388_un.mp4
3. Organization of worklecture_11391_un.mp4
4. Effects of a Party’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol on its reporting obligationslecture_11393_un.mp4
4.bis Effects of a Party's late submission of an annual inventorylecture_11394_un.mp4
5. Other matterslecture_11395_un.mp4
6. Closure of the meetinglecture_11397_un.mp4

17th meeting of the Facilitative Branch

04.03.2015 18:26:00 - 04.03.2015 19:08:00UNFCCC
1. Opening of the meetinglecture_11387_un.mp4
2. Adoption of the agendalecture_11389_un.mp4
3. Organization of worklecture_11390_un.mp4
4. Provisions related to facilitation: Advice and facilitationlecture_11392_un.mp4
5. Other matterslecture_11396_un.mp4
6. Closure of the meetinglecture_11398_un.mp4

16th meeting of the Compliance Committee

05.03.2015 12:21:00 - 05.03.2015 12:22:00UNFCCC
1. Opening of the meetinglecture_11399_un.mp4
2. Adoption of the agendalecture_11400_un.mp4
3. Report on the fifteenth meeting of the plenarylecture_11401_un.mp4
4. Report of the enforcement branchlecture_11402_un.mp4
5. Report of the facilitative branchlecture_11403_un.mp4
6. Consistency of reviews under Article 8 [part 1]lecture_11404_un.mp4
6. Consistency of reviews under Article 8 [part 2]lecture_11405_un.mp4
7. Outcomes of the tenth session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and the forty-first sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation and the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Alecture_11406_un.mp4
8. Implications for the work of the Compliance Committee arising from the timing of the entry into force of the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocollecture_11407_un.mp4
9. Other matterslecture_11408_un.mp4
10. Closure of the meetinglecture_11409_un.mp4